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Government Of Assam Administrative Reforms and Training

Reforms and Good Governance

In order to achieve effective integration of the entire governmental machinery, rejuvenation of the system is required. Proper management of human resources is essential for positive transformation of the present system. Capacity of the government functionaries are to be enhanced to the maximum extent possible.

As is envisaged in the vision for Assam in 2030, first 2 to 3 years will have to be devoted to put the system into place which will act as a harbinger of change. Professionalism is to be brought to all rank and file to ensure optimum utilization of the human resource and transform it into the agent of change. Without a thoroughly trained and motivated support staff, professionalism in service delivery to the citizens will be very difficult to infuse. with an eye to this end, training centres at four districts viz. Majuli, Guwahati, Bongaigaon and Silchar are being discussed to cover Grade III and IV employees in all the Districts.

Institutional Reforms is the core area where drastic steps are to be taken to transform the State Public Service Commission into an institution through which the best and only the best is recruited. Reforms in APSC is being taken up to restore public faith in the entire system of recruitment to various Government posts through the Commission. Discussion with the commission have been made in this regard and it is felt that it is essential to revamp the examination system in the line of the UPSC. For this new technology platform will have to be used by the Commission by optimising uses of disruptive technology in various stages of the selection process so that only the best is recruited for Government jobs. Reports of Tapan Lal Baruah Committee/MP Bezbarua Committee and RT Jindal Committee had been published for public view and suggestions and can be taken as the stepping stone forward. 

M.P Bezbarua Report after acceptance of corrections 280.4 KBswf-image
R.T. Jindal Committee Report on competitive Examination Reforms140.9 KBswf-image
Good Governance