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Government Of Assam Administrative Reforms and Training

Apply for PM Award for Excellence in Public Administration


  • Nomination can be individual or as a group.
  • Details must be given on the intiatiative on the basis of which, nomination is sought.
  • Nomination is to be signed by the competant


The 'Prime Minister's Awards for Excellence in Public Administration' has been initiated to acknowledge, recognize and reward the extraordinary and innovative work done by District/organizations of the Central, State Governments. At least five Priority Programmes is chosen for awards under this Scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

  • For nomination for the Award for implementation of Priority Programme, it has to be from a District/Implementing Unit.
  • For nomination for the Award for iInnovation, it has to be from Organizations of Central/State Government/District.

Documents Required

The following Documents should be attached to the form prescribed in Schedule I and II

  • A write-up of about 5 pages (A4 size) on the priority Programme/innovation
  • Support documents such as:
    Executive Summary
    Field photographs (maximum 10)
    Flow charts detailing uniqueness
    Success story of the initiative
  • A CD of a short film of 3-5 minutes duration highlighting the initiative/ innovation may also be appended.
  • The write-up should contain details of the programme/initiative, strategies adopted in implementation, period of implementation, exceptional achievements and outcomes, positive impact and sustainability.

Process Flow

  1. District/Organization (applicant) may send application in the prescribed format detailing their achievements specifically highlighting path-breaking innovation done by any of the functionary/ organisation
  2. Stage I: Short-listing of Districts/Organization by Screening Committee (first stage): Screening Committee(s) chaired by Additional Secretary level officer shall examine the applications in consultation with nodal Ministry/Department of identified Priority Programme/theme of innovation.
    Joint Secretary level officer(s) and expert(s) from the NITI Ayog will be members of the Committee. Screening Committee will be constituted with the approval of Secretary (AR&PG)
  3. stage II: Short-listing of Districts/Organization by Screening Committee (second stage):
    Feedback from beneficiaries/stakeholders short listed in the first stage will be obtained through a Call-Centre. Screening Committee(s) will then examine the shortlisted applications on the basis of presentations analysis of feedback received from Call Centre and further shortlist the applications.
  4. Step III: Evaluation by Expert Committee; A& two-member team of officers of Central Government, not below the rank of Deputy Secretary, will conduct on the spot study of the implementation of Priority Programmes/initiative for innovation in districts/ Organizations shortlisted by the Screening Committee.
    Expert Committee chaired by Secretary, Department of Administrative Reforms,Public Grievances will consider the spot study reports and further shortlist the district(s)/Organization for 3making recommendation to the Empowered Committee chaired by the Cabinet Secretary. Secretaries of the nodal Ministry/Department of identified Priority Programmes/theme of innovation
    and Expert(s) from NITI Ayog would be members of the Expert Committee. The Expert Committee would be constituted with the approval of the Cabinet Secretary.
  5. Step IV: Recommendation of the Empowered Committee: The Empowered Committee, constituted with the approval of the Prime Minister, would be chaired by the Cabinet Secretary. Other members would include Additional Principal Secretary to PM, CEO NITI Aayog and two/ three Non-official members. The Empowered Committee would consider the recommendations of the Expert Committee and may also ask the applicants to make a presentation and/ or make such inquiry as deemed fit. The Empowered Committee would then make its recommendations to the Prime Minister for final selection of Awards.
  6. Step V: Approval of the Prime Minister of the Awards.

How to apply

  1. Applications for the Award shall be received online in the prescribed format. All the columns of the application form must be duly filled as per
    the instructions contained therein.
  2. The application for award in innovation should contain the details of beneficiaries/stake holders of the initiatives/ projects.
  3. Application with incomplete/ insufficient details shall not be considered.
  4. For award in innovation, the organization may be represented by the serving Head of the organization or an officer nominated by him/ her for
    receiving the award.
  5. A legend should be provided for all abbreviations/acronyms used in the
    application and documentation.


There will be a period of consideration, e.g. from January-December of the Previous Year.

Forms to be filled

The Nomination Form has to be filled and signed by the Nominating Authority.

Whom to Contact

Smti. Panchali Kakati, ACS
Joint Secretary
3rd Floor, Block-A
Assam Secretariat, Dispur,
Guwahati - 781006
Phone No.: 9435049630
E-mail: panchalikakati@gmail.com

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